C++ Dependency Injection


Wallaroo is a dependency injection library for C++ released under the BOOST software license. With wallaroo, you can easily separate the object graph from the class implementation. You can create objects and wire them using strings so that you can load the "object graph" from a configuration file.

Main Features

Download Latest Version: 0.8 (Gen 2018)

DOWNLOAD zip - windows
DOWNLOAD tgz - linux

If you want to know the next steps of Wallaroo development, you can read the Roadmap page.

Here and here you can find the slideshare slide decks I used in a couple of talks about dependency injection in C++ and wallaroo.

If you have any comment or request, or you’re simply using wallaroo, please let me know by emailing me. Also, remember to check out the #wallaroolib hashtag on twitter or follow my twitter account to stay up to date with wallaroo library.